Monday, August 29, 2011

A family that cleans up after a hurricane together. . .

Stays together . . .

We survived Hurricane Irene and right now I have five little helpers (well two of them are taller than me) cleaning up the yard.  Yesterday while on twitter,  I read ( that a blended family truly blends after seven - twelve years... Yesterday watching our five kids age 7-16 dress up in our clothes and pretend to be us....( it truly was hysterical) and now watching them clean the yard, I know in my heart that it is all these little life experiences that make "the blender" switch to high speed.   We are four years into our blended family cake mix, we've certainly cracked open the eggs, added the flour, mixed, stirred, and blended a bit.  I don't think we are in the oven yet and we certainly haven't licked the bowl... but we are working on a beautiful seven layer yum yum.

Hope you weathered the storm and are enjoying the final days of summer.  Tomorrow is a school night and that brings me great joy!
Have a good day!

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