Tuesday, August 9, 2011


My kids and his kids have been on vacation with their other parents for what seems like an eternity.  My two are on their way right now... only 45 minutes and I will be showering them with kisses.  We all reunite on Saturday.  Funny how a little down time and distance makes you want to kiss them from head to toe with the biggest heart ever!  I can't wait until they pull into the driveway.

Yesterday while gushing about our kids to a girlfriend we both commented on the sweet things our kids (sometimes) say.  How we hang on to those moments and savor every syllable.  When my cub scout left on his trip he yelled, "This is harder than I thought"  I yelled back, "What is harder than you thought?"  he replied, "leaving you!"  All week I have thought of that phrase over and over.... My daughter texted me "I am in the same state as you" when her plane landed.... again a moment which makes me love them more than they know.  Which in our family we affectionately label as ----- L.Y.M.T.Y.K.  I believe my mom started signing cards like that when I was in college.... now I do if for my kids....  it certainly captures the role of parent.... they have no idea how much love and care we have for them - they know our love, it's comfortable, they appreciate our love but until you have your own little buggers.... you just don't know how deep it flows, how unconditional it is and how it's a love affair that is refueled with little statements like "This is harder than I thought."

Love You More Than You Know.....


Anonymous said...

Your loving husband lymtyk!

Paper Mom said...

Love when the World's Greatest finds Paper Mom.


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