Thursday, March 10, 2011

Paper Mom votes for Malloy!

So as you know, I am not a political blogger.  I write about being a mom and step mo to five great kids, and lover to one World’s Greatest Husband.  I blog, I vent, I endorse great books and share little nuggets of life that make me love being a woman, wife, mom and professional.  Truth is… I am a closet political news junkie. Ah, that admission felt good….

Last night I attended Governor Malloy's town hall meeting on the State’s budget.  This was momma’s night out, I attended with my boss so I had to keep it together but seriously…. It was like a trip to the candy store for this closet political paper mom.

So here are my thoughts… I support our governor. Actually,  I sort of think I am in love with him.  No, not in a stupid wacky way, the World’s Greatest Husband is my guy but...  I loved watching the governor address the crowd.  His command of the situation, his kindness, his humbleness, his thoughtful approach, his wit, and his tie selection all made me sit up and take note.  Let’s be honest, who the heck wants this man’s job?  NO ONE - because it is not easy!  Hard times, tough decisions, it simply doesn’t add up to make any sense…. As I settle into 40 and fabulous I become more aware of the fact that we will never make everyone happy.   And boy is that the truth with that town hall crowd.  But a life with respect, dignity and compassion always wins.  That is what I see in our dear governor.  His style and grace won me over in the moment, the dollars and cents, the cuts, the taxes it is all tough stuff but honestly, this mess didn’t happen in a day…. this mess hasn’t been attacked with any new brave decisions until now.  I am not sure I agree with it all but I do respect the man, the position and am willing to try something new.  I want attractive jobs moving into this state and my town.  I want nonprofits to have the best chance when it comes to helping those who need their services.   I want my children to live, work and play in our great state and I want higher education to be a priority.  I believe in State Higher Education as a woman who earned both her Master’s and Bachelor’s from the State System.  So there you have it… my political agenda.  Maybe I should run?

So with all that being said… I hope my sweet Dannel doesn’t let me down.  I am in his corner and am willing to support his budget today.

When seeing the governor on the morning news with the town hall recap I asked my 7 year old if he knew who that was on TV.  He proudly said “Dan Malloy” He followed that up with, it would be cool if he came to my birthday party.    So I think I have a little politician in the making… 


Anonymous said...

If you "want attractive jobs moving into this state," you should be opposing this new wave of onerous taxation. A Quinnipiac poll shows that CT will face its greatest out-migration ever if Malloy's tax hikes are signed into law--11 percent of voters say they will leave. Pfizer and Pratt, two of our biggest employers, have been moving thousands of jobs out of Connecticut. Explain again how attractive jobs are "created" when people and firms leave the state.

Keep worshipping Gov. Malloy and what you perceive to be brave decisions. But real bravery is not coercing people into giving the government more money. A leader demonstrates bravery when he is willing to put the brakes on a government growing at a faster pace than the private sector. It's fundamentally unjust and cowardly to keep expanding government while the rest of us are forced to cut back.

A Democrat in New York and a Republican in New Jersey have shown us that deficits can be closed without raising taxes; it simply necessitates spending cuts. But Mr. Malloy has elected to soak the poor with a series of regressive taxes on gas, cigarettes and clothing--all designed to disproportionately affect people of lower incomes. This approach is wrong, and it will fail.

dweeb said...

You make an excellent point, "who wants the man's job?" No one.

Who wants to tell him (preferably anonymously) how to do his job? Far too many of us.

We spent too many years behaving badly, fiscally and in other ways. Someone has to belly up to the bar and settle accounts.

I voted for the man because I felt he was closer to telling me what I needed to hear than what I wanted to hear. Now the question becomes what do I do after I've listened?

Write on!
-bill kenny


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