Sunday, January 3, 2010

A 2010 Calendar - Not The Electronic Kind

This past summer I committed to going paperless and use my i-phone Google calendar, this is not easy for a paper girl. Hmmm…. I tried for 6 months and now proudly announce.... I am going back to good old fashioned paper.

As a paper girl, I love purchasing a new calendar. For years I asked for a new calendar each Christmas but in recent years I didn’t want to deny myself the joy of purchasing this important tool for success. I am a paper geek; I need a calendar that is a weekly calendar, one that has thick pages so the ink doesn’t seep through to the next week. Smaller than 5x7 seems to fit my purses best, a durable calendar but something a bit sophisticated too. A few years ago I had the ideal Mary Engelbreit pocket calendar; the paper was thick, the writing space - just right and the overall size - perfect, and the downside? It had a cutesy theme, don’t get me wrong, I love Mary’s work, but a bit of sophistication in a business meeting means something. To pull out a cutesy comic book calendar never felt quite right and my assistant proved it the day she boldly said – “look at you with your little cute calendar” a little smirk and a shrug of love in her shoulders, it was enough for me to realize I needed to burn the calendar.

So now in 2010 my life requires three calendars…. any “family events” into the i-phone because I am “synced” with my husband and if I need him to know an important date, that is the only way. A kitchen calendar for when I am on the phone making an appointment. And my perfect paper calendar book for everything under the sun, the one that makes me happy and feel grounded. Ahhhh, this year it is imitation alligator leather, a lime green little number with gold embossed pages found at my favorite paper discount aisle in T.J.MAXX. The idea of being able to see the year ahead in one simple little book makes me feel organized and ready for 2010. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Back to work and school in the morning.  My mom and I call Sunday nights... our "Sunday night poopie face."  Boy do I have a BIG "Sunday night poopie face" after being off for 12 days.  Tomorrow should be interesting.

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