Monday, January 18, 2010

Motherhood is a tough job

We need to band together… Motherhood is a tough job. So often I am amazed by all that I have accomplished before 8:15 am. If I am truly being honest, I have a love hate relationship with this role at times. I am not going to fill your head with fluff and say being a mom/step mom to five kids is easy, but I will say this… it is easier than my ex-husband and it is a job that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Yesterday we packed up our little army and traveled to my sister in law’s house for the day. I must admit, I view this little adventure as an escape. The pressure of the house and our life disappears because we simply are not on “our turf”. Packing the car is sometimes comical. Yesterday I made sandwiches for all of us so we wouldn’t arrive and ask “what’s for lunch?” I had to laugh, making sandwiches for this crew took an entire loaf of bread. I am not kidding, an entire loaf of bread! (and my sister in law still had to make macaroni and cheese – sorry P.E.)

Everything in our house of seven takes MORE of this mommy… more time, more energy, more dishes, more money, more patience, more love, and in an everyday example….more bread…. I am not complaining. I love our crazy life. If I didn’t choose to laugh, it would be easy to cry.

So this is what I think (or maybe I should borrow Oprah’s, this is what I know for sure…) Motherhood is not easy and “more” is ok when your heart is filled with love. We often fall into the trap of judging one another and situations. I think if we simply embrace the role of motherhood as a united front, understanding that we are all working hard to do the best we can, with what we have, we will be a stronger force in this world. We all know the power of motherhood, let’s make it work for us rather than against us.

Love the moms in your life. Sometimes we simply need to support one another, MORE.

Me and my two favorite moms....
 my mom and the World's Greatest Husband's mom.
We had a mom's only moment at an art show opening on Marco Island in 2008. This photograph actually appeared in the newspaper. 

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