Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Blog!

It's 2010! I've always loved the hope that a new year brings.  Last night we celebrated quietly.  The first time in quite a few years with no children wearing tiaras and blowing horns. I made crab meat manicotti (from Giada's book) it tasted too "crabby" for me, made yummy martinis and talked about the year ahead.  It's a big one for this paper mom. Many things are on the 2010 horizion.... I will turn the big 4-0, my job is most likely ending June 30th, I am giving blogs and paper a try and of course there is always the loving life of a blended family with two teenagers, two fourth graders and a kindergartener. 

When I think about why I want to blog, I guess it is to share the love of our life, create a few paper sales and keep paper obsessed people like me in the paperly know, and avoid therapy?  I am not sure, let's simply give it a try together, you read it and let me know what you think, let's see if we are still here a month from now. I started reading a blog about a blended family a year ago ( and I swear I cry and I laugh at that email more than I really want to admit. I read it because it is nice to know another family is going through the blended family blender - just like us.  If this blog creates a shared moment for you & me--- paper, family, hopes, wishes, frustrations or dreams it will be worth it.

To all my paper peeps, Best wishes in 2010!

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