Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!

As I get older, am I getting colder? Last night while talking to my dearest college friend we commented on how cold we are this winter.  It doesn't seem to compare to years past.  Yes, it has been cold, really cold - but our bones are cold, our toes are cold, our fingers are cold.  We have both been dressing like great grandmas wearing our heavy bathrobes over our clothes while we cook dinner and pick out school clothes for the next day.  I've been going to bed with two pairs of socks on (which really impresses the world's greatest husband).  We have concluded that although this winter (and it is only January 6th) has been a bit bitter - this cold thing is the down side of approaching 40... it must be age.  I must publically state - I will turn 40 six months sooner than my dear college friend.  She would want me to clairfy that. 

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