Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Always trying to be a better person...

Another day of sloppy winter weather and it’s only mid week.  Another storm is expected Friday.  We spent the day like every good snow day should be spent… vegging out in front of the TV in our jammies.  Because we watch so little television in our house, this is a HUGE treat. 

Just want to plug that darn O magazine again, Favorite Paper Peeps, O magazine is like a little present you can give yourself each and every month.  A little tool in your “I want to be a better, stronger mom, woman and wife tool box.”  I always love, love, love, the Donna Files… this month Donna Brazile offers advice on how to reach your goals… pick up a copy and get a little kick in the butt.
Her best advice…. SUCK IT UP. Not everyone will support you. Accept that.  The blurb follows up with Donna encouraging folks to imagine your naysayer with the head of the animal he most resembles.  She says it’s hard to take someone seriously when his words are coming from the twitchy mouth of a little white mouse.  That Donna Brazile is one hot ticket!  Get the magazine and read on.  I must admit, years ago I worked with a group of men that I called the teeny peenies.  I know it’s crude and so unlike me, but it certainly helped me not take them too seriously.   Truth is… I learned a few things from that group.
So peeps – Suck it up! 

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