Monday, January 10, 2011

Need a motherhood pep talk?

Every once in a while life gives you a moment that makes you feel like you are absolutely in the right place.  I love when that happens. Sunday was that day, that moment for me. The World’s Greatest Husband took our five kids sledding yesterday and I got to sit with a fabulous cup of coffee and my audio book.  I’ll be honest, I don’t usually listen to audio books as my commute to work is only 4 minutes not allowing for much of a chance to pop in a CD.  You may have read my past blog posts about author Kelly Corrigan, Yes,  I am a fan.  When I learned she read her book Lift on the audio version, I knew I had to listen to her as she is a woman with wisdom, humor and grace.

The video book trailer for Lift dedicates the work to “For everyone who has been caught off guard by the pace and vulnerability of raising children” Really, I am not the first to state this but seriously, the woman is a genius.  She has the power to say and write the things that are in my heart and honestly that can sometimes be a complicated place when it comes to raising kids.   Her work encourages me to acknowledge my weaknesses, take sock in my strengths and simply be the best I can be….

The “moment” for me was when the first CD ended with a song.  Not knowing the title or the musician but alone, in my bedroom, on my big comfy chair in the still and quite of my house, that song became a prayer. I listened, closed my eyes and gave myself those few minutes to let the lyrics and melody wash over my soul.   Take a listen for yourself… Someday by Mike Errico.
Like all of you, I juggle.  Sometimes I drop a few balls in mid air.  Other times I can feel the rhythm of the toss and it feels so good.  We are women, it’s what we do… we juggle and someday we’ll get there.  Find a few minutes to listen or read Kelly Corrigan’s letters to her daughters in the book Lift.  It is a quick read and worth every moment.

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So cool that Mike Errico posted my blog to his blog. Check him out.


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