Friday, January 7, 2011

Five for Friday

Five for Friday returns in 2011!
Here are five great things about today!
1. Got my butt to Weight Watchers today.  I did the program 12 years ago and lost 35 lbs!  I started today at the exact weight that brought me to the weight watchers doorstep 12 years ago... I wonder if I can do another 35? Of course, lets not forget (like I would let you do that...) I lost 39 lbs since August of 2009, since the holiday season I put 6 back on... which means I now have to say 33 pounds --- so wish me luck.
2. spent some gift card money at my favorite craft store today (thanks to my dear sister in law)
3. started working on a paper project that has been on my agenda for a few weeks (I'll post when complete)
4. Snow is expected and I don't need to arrange for school or work snow chaos.  I just need to be tucked in tight.  I love weekend storms...
5.I am drinking the best cup of coffee as I type.

I hope you weekend is full of wonder (the good kind that makes your heart feel warm and cozy)

1 comment:

Julie said...

I enjoy your "5 for Fridays" - glad to see it return!


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