Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a new year, a new day!

I’ve always been a believer in karma, spirit and those “good vibes” that sometimes strike us when we simply “just know” something good is about to take place.  I became a believer when I shed 300 lbs.  Well, let me clarify, when I divorced my husband.  I guess I should say, it was the absolutely hardest time of my life and once I had worked through the grief, the hurt, the fear, the anger, I felt lighter.  I felt like I had the weight (that’s where his 300 lbs comes in) of the world lifted from my pretty little shoulders.
Others noticed….
It made me a believer in the power of a positive outlook. It’s contagious, it feels good, it looks good, and sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it.

As I cleaned up our Christmas mess, I boxed it, I bagged it, I stored it…. All like a crazy woman.  I seriously burned some new years day calories while taking on this project.  As the house became less cluttered I started to open my heart to the spirit… well, I actually got really crazed with the amount of work I had to do…before I let the spirit in… but then I felt accomplished, ready,clear, willing and able…  Of course that new OWN - Oprah Winfrey Network is going to help me keep that positive spirit burning bright, have you watched it yet?  It is just the thing I need to keep me on track with living my best life as fabulous 40!

So today, on my first day back to work and back to not stuffing my face with holiday treats… I feel good.  Oh wait, speaking of “feeling good” Favorite Paper Mom readers will recall that Michael Buble, “I feel good” is my theme song…. Well as I contemplated going to Weight Watchers, the new Jennifer Hudson commercial has her singing that song!!! Is that Karma?  Gods way of lighting a fire under my butt and telling me to get to Weight Watchers?…. A sign for sure!

Mama is back to blogging and I am happy!  Happy New Year!
 Now I have to go back to work after 11 days of vacation!  Wish me luck!


Shell said...

You sound so happy and upbeat!

Tammy said...

Good luck at the back to work thing!! I am also joining Weight Watchers...that always helps with the positive attitude!!!


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