Thursday, January 20, 2011

What makes the World's Greatest Husband unique and lovable?

Mama Kats weekly writing prompts are fun and the little boost the posts offer to my bloggy traffic makes me giddy.    This weeks assignment… 
Something unique you love about your significant other.

Well  let’s get to it.

The funny thing about love is… it’s so personal.   The World’s Greatest Husband has many qualities that make me love him.  But I imagine many of us who truly love our men would say things like, He is an amazing father, a hard worker, a solid provider, a friend, and a lover.  It’s easy to label his strengths, those things that connect us, the little between us things that makes us feel love.   Honestly, the special thing about my man that is different than any other relationship I’ve ever had…. The thing that makes me love him with every ounce of my soul is… his awareness of gratitude.  He thanks me for loving him.  He thanks me for the little things like making dinner or doing laundry, and for big things like caring for our family and our kids.  In addition, he thanks our children for tiny tasks completed and big life moments, he gives love freely and is grateful if it is returned to him.  His ability to find gratitude in most situations has been a guide and teacher to me.  He is a smart wise man and I am thankful to be his partner.  He has shown me what an open, grateful heart is capable of.  


Brittany said...

My husband is similar to this! He loves very openly too! I love this trait!

Oddyssey said...

Very beautifully said. Your writing touched my heart. My hubby also is similar to this. It's nice to know there are a few of them out there! (stopping by from Mama Kats)


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