Thursday, October 14, 2010

The debate and my little cub scout

Last night the World's Greatest Husband and I went to the gubernatorial debate.  I enjoyed the process.  It was  interesting to see all the different entities and the television crew prepare.  There was something electric with the announcements of "three minutes to live, one minute to live, 30 seconds to live."  I love to people watch so you can only imagine my awe with the pre-rally festivities.  The signs, the chants, the buttons, stickers and energy.  I admit,  I love the spirit of politics.  When I was in college and took the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory (ESFJ) politician was on my inventory.... So fast forward... during the one hour debate, I was a tad bored.  You know my life, it is super fast paced.  Five kids rarely make me say the word bored (although on occasion they do say it.)  So Yes, the debate impressed me.  Yes, I confirmed my choice for governor.  Yes, I am proud and happy that we have this amazing political process and Yes, hearing the candidates with their practiced, calculated messages and silly little prods and pokes made me feel a bit restless, a bit bored. 

But the big winner of the night?  Was my little proud cub scout.  I came home to this amazing little guy reciting the cub scout promise, word for word.... with pride in his heart.  If he is ever on the stage debating, I guarantee, I won't be bored. 


Cheryl said...

Morning! I just wanted to say thanks for the nod to the Oprah link regarding folding fitted sheets - they are certainly tricky critters!! Thought of you this moring when I was checking my comcast email and saw the video link for this Rick Springfield spot. Always think of you when I see anything Rick Springfield :) Thought I would pass it along as payment for a more organized linen closet!!

Paper Mom said...

Thank you! My DVR has been recording several Rick appearances. so glad you are reading Paper Mom! Feel free to stop over and give my linen closet a makeover too!


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