Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I need a thousand dollars!

I completed my 6-7 week ritual at lunchtime yesterday.  I got my hair cut and my eyebrows waxed.  In doing so I realized, it is about the only thing I do for myself… the only “me, me, me” 63 dollar luxury that I do, usually kid free.    That 4-6 minute hair wash is to die for.  Lorelei really makes me feel like a princess for those few minutes.

So my every two month visit comes with a quick sweep through Macy’s or JCPenney.  A “kid-free”  luxury for sure.  I usually zip through because I have to meet the bus, pick up a kid or attend a practice or game.  Yesterday I realized the reason why this I do this zip through shopping torture like a track star running a race, I realized why it makes me anxious…. I do this quickly because it depresses me…. It is my monthlyish reminder as to how “out of style” I really am. 
My black, blue and gray chinos need an update. 
I need an updated Saturday errands suit.
I need a new pair of high boots.
I need a sweater with ruffles (who knew they were on every rack?)
And the purses I saw yesterday were so stylish, they oozed class, sass and style.
I even need new pajamas.
I need a winter coat.
I need a fabulous scarf to wear on that winter coat.

The only time I view the mall as a trip for me…. is when I get my haircut.  Otherwise it is for kids uniforms, kid everything.  I can tell you where every kid related item might be found.  So…. I figure I need just about a thousand dollars.  I think that will cover it.  I am not sure but if I had to guess I think a thousand buck-a-roos would do the trick.  A thousand bucks would let me buy a few wardrobe essentials, a bit of style.  It would turn me into a new woman, an updated, hip mom, a sexy wife, and a professional that “looks” the part.  

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