Monday, October 4, 2010

Oprah and Gayle Reflection Day Monday

Oprah spoke to me again… this time directly.  Well via her Thursday show. My reflection moment was easy to identify.
On Thursday’s show she said “what you think you know at 30 comes alive in your 40’s. Those of you who are fearing your 40’s STOP IT” 

Oprah mentioned many of her producers are approaching 40.  (One more similarity to my Oprah Birthday Video from Sept 17)

I turn 40 on December 24th!
I hope it’s true.
I hope she’s right.
In my early thirties I was in a struggling marriage.
In my mid thirties I was struggling with a divorce.
In my late thirties I found love, a beautiful blended family and a lot of hope…
I can’t wait to put that hope and love into action in my 40’s.

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