Monday, October 18, 2010

Oprah & Gayle Reflection Monday...

Ok, so I am sad to report that I haven’t finished Late, Late at Night by Rick Springfield.  I will soon and will gladly post my review.  I’ve been "shocked" and "not so shocked" by what I have read so far.   He is a complicated character.  I’ve enjoyed the media blitz and was pleasantly surprised when I listened to the Gayle King Show on Thursday….
Gayle and Oprah Reflection Monday proves that there is karma, love, and special spirit between me and my three pop culture imaginary friends…. GAYLE commented (for an extended time) on RICK’s NEW BOOK!  Click on the clip below if you are eager to listen (It’s long – 9 min) So beyond Rick’s sad story and his battle with depression and being over sexed… GAYLE mentions, RICK!!!!! 

And not to brag but…. Oprah mentioned my birthday again… on Wednesday’s show she said… “At forty you start to wake up”

Gayle King: News Picks - How Do iYou/i Win The Battle with Depression?

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