Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flu shots and the blender...

Life in the blender can be chaotic, and sometimes that means chaos for those around us, close to us, teaching us, coaching get the picture.

Yesterday… I found out that our yearly flu shots for the kids, probably has the pediatrician’s office thinking we are a blended bunch that are koo-koo for cocoa puffs!

Here is the coordination or lack of:
  • World’s Greatest Husband asks if I want my two to go with his three for flu shots?
  • We discuss, as crazy as it sounds, I’ve never been a fan of the flu shot.
  • World’s Greatest Husband makes the appointment for all five
  • The appointment was scheduled while he was at work, leaving me to take them.  Needles, pricks, shots…. That was unfairly scheduled in my opinion.
  • I forgot to “google calendar” (yes we sync our calendars for up-to-the-minute scheduling) an appointment and the flu shot appointment was scheduled during a dentist appointment for my two.
  • The World’s Greatest Husband calls the pediatrician and leaves a message to reschedule.
  • The pediatrician calls us back, I reschedule.
  •  I have to admit, she questioned me a few times, clarifying which children will be present and now I think I know why the questioning felt sort of weird…
  • The World’s Greatest Husband’s ex-wife has scheduled her three for a shot next week.
  • So without knowing all the details… I think the World’s Greatest Husband's ex-wife is scheduled to take all five?

I’ll call to straighten this out on Monday. 

Maybe you have to know the personalities to appreciate this example, but seriously everything takes longer, more coordination and much more patience.  Not only for us but for those having to deal with us too!  


Sheena Simpson said...

Yikes, that's more complicated than taking my four. Good luck, and as long as it doesn't have the reverse effect, give them benadryl. lol

Paper Mom said...

Yes, life is complicated - hence the blogging therapy...


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