Monday, October 25, 2010

Love is the little things...

We hosted a small gathering here on Friday night.  When I put my kids on the bus Friday morning my son asked, “are you going to clean the house today  like that time you yelled at us all day”    Oh yes, a proud mother moment…  I answered “yes, be glad you are in school and you won’t hear me.”

The World’s Greatest Husband and I had two nights with no children this past weekend (very unusual.)  We slept like little babies.  It was wonderful.  He is the sweetest man alive.  During the week, he gets up an hour before I do and when he leaves our warm snuggly bed he always tucks me in, fixing the blankets, making sure I am covered up.  It’s the little things that make our love grand! 

As a side note, I am already sleeping in sweats, with three heavy weight blankies, I am not sure what will happen when real winter sets in…  You know I hate winter, right? I’ll be blogging about it, because I hate, hate, hate it!  Stay tuned.

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