Friday, March 4, 2011

Five for Friday

Five Great things about today....

1.  Grocery shopping online is truly a gift.
2. Cub scouts is cancelled.  (I know that one sounds mean spirited, but I am glad to have no real plan for the evening - I am still sick)
3. Daughter returned to school after a two day down for the count illness.
4. I am a winner to the Jorgensen AGAIN!!! Paper Peeps... please follow them on facebook and twitter and you will win too.... a two time winner is sort of embarrassing but - a night out with the World's Greatest Husband... for free? I'll TAKE IT!!!! Yippee! Yippee!
5. I had the dreaded money date with husband - before work today.... now this is an unusual time for our "money dates"  but we did get it out of the way and that is a good thing.... it didn't end the way we like our money dates to end but then again... I am sick as a dog and he had to get to his job....

Hey favorite Paper Mom readers - Have a great weekend, enjoy the warmer temps tomorrow and check back soon - some exciting things are brewing on the Paper Mom site.... ok, I'll tell you... A VLOG!  I just need to get my voice back, color in my cheeks and find my microphone...

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