Monday, March 21, 2011

Precious Mommy / Daughter Time...

I Heart Jorgensen

On Thursday I had a date night with my 10 year old daughter.  This was special for many different reasons… 
1. We have 5 kids so a night alone with one of them is special, they feel like rock stars.  
2.  We planned to go to Friendly’s for dinner.  I saved my weight watchers points all day so I could eat guilt free.  
3.  My daughter is a fabulous singer with no self-confidence.  She can belt it out but has no desire to perform in front of others.  I thought the whole Jorgensen experience would open up her heart to the thrill of performance.  
4.  I wanted her to see theater, art, culture.  
5. I played up our time away together in a super big way.  I made the venue, the experience and our alone time BIG, BIG, BIG!

So all in all Jorgensen was the perfect venue for us to have a special Mommy/Daughter date. …. Until we pulled into the parking lot and in her smarty pants sort of way she says “Mom, I’ve been here before, for a school field trip”

Ok, so it changed things slightly but my love for Jorgensen was only intensified as I realized they market their venue to my children’s schools.  That’s good business because the theater is something to see! 

So check out their calendar of events.  It looks amazing.   You may see Papermom and her crew at Aga-Boom, that show sounds like a great time!

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