Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Proud of our cub scout

Today my little cub scout snuggled in bed with me before our crazy day started.  We watched the first few minutes of our favorite, The Today Show.  Of course the headline was all about Japan.  My little guy said.... "I wish I could send them like... $144 dollars."  I asked, why?  he said, "They need help, maybe they could buy a house"  My son continuously makes me smile (and yes, scream too) he has a good soul and still has innocence that warms my heart.  

While speaking with my mom last night she mentioned that she often wants to comment on the blog, honestly somedays I think she is my only reader, well except when I blog about "The Gov."  My mom isn't quite sure how to make that comment widget work so I will comment for her... my mom would simply say "I love how the little boy thinks, I like the way his brain works"  and I would have to agree with her... he is my sweet, kind cub scout- unless he is chasing his three sisters...

1 comment:

Paula @ Simply Sandwich said...

Oh so sweet. For a little guy, he has a really big heart!


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