Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celebrating my Husband's Birthday

Today is the World’s Greatest Husband’s birthday.  We had the most amazing birthday celebration and I’ve been dying to blog about it.  First, did you know that we have had the past three weekends to ourselves? This is unheard of… a miracle, truly a dream come true. 

The birthday celebration started with winning FREE tickets to the Jorgensen to see the Canadian Tenors.  Yes, I said free and I said the Canadian Tenors.  Do you know those cutie patoodie’s?  The Jorgensen is beautiful, I recommend that you friend them on facebook and twitter and maybe you can score yourself some freebies too!  It was a treat…. So when I announced our winnings to the World’s Greatest Husband he said he had a surprise for me… a dinner surprise… not a bad deal… free birthday tix and the birthday boy buys dinner too!  I keep telling you he is the World’s Greatest, right?

So peeps, the Still River Café in Eastford is a real gem.  Hidden in the middle of nowhere, the place will surely delight.   The food was seriously amazing, the service was top notch and the atmosphere was clean, crisp and comfortable.  I felt like I wanted to move in and cozy up for at least a few more meals, but we had a show to get to…  I can’t wait to go back.  Next time it will be for a relaxing dinner without the rush to get out the door… but if there was ever a show worth getting out the door to…. It would be the Canadian Tenors… those guys brought me to another place on earth.  They made me take a break, breath in my husband, close my eyes and simply be….  I love when music fills your soul.  The power of their voices and the strength that they brought to the auditorium was enough to make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth. 

The group sang two songs that deserve comment.  The first… instrument of peace.  My husband and I share a prayer.  Yes, we share a prayer.  It is written on prayer card on our closet shelf.  I start most mornings with it.  There was a time that every mass ended with it…Prayer of Peace Saint Francis of Assisi.  Well the Canadian tenors performed our prayer in song and it meant a great deal to me…. and I swear I would have jumped my husband right then and there in the aisle if we were alone…  imagine that one… to a prayer…. Somehow it seems an appropriate way to celebrate our bond.  I love that guy and am so grateful that we are able to share our love. 
The other song worth mentioning was Forever Young by Bob Dillon.    I thought of my children when this song was performed.  I’ve been so busy lately.  I’ve taken home a lot of work these past few weeks, I’ve spent hours on the computer, I’ve lost my way in a few moments and in the moment of that song, I came to appreciate the innocence of my kids…. They are my most important project, they deserve a mom who is present.  I figure I have about two weeks before the hustle and bustle of our life with five kids gets kicked up a few notches, it’s baseball and softball season and you know how I love that…. So I have lots of re-grouping to do before that season is in full swing.  It’s crazy that we move and live at this ridiculous pace.  I can’t do it all and the quicker I realize that… the better off I’ll be.   Lucky for me I have a supportive, kind and helpful World’s Greatest Birthday Husband to work with me.

A birthday weekend to remember…. And those are just parts I can share (wink, wink) 


Jorgensent Center for the Performing Arts said...

Glad you had a great time, and thanks for the link! Keep your eyes out on Twitter and Facebook for more ticket giveaways for more such amazing weekends!

Tracy Weiss Photography said...

Glad you had a good time! I love your blog!


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