Monday, March 14, 2011

Paper Mom, Politics and Birthday Parties

Well after a wild weekend of pretending to be a political blogger, it feels good to be back in my cozy place blogging about life the way I know and love it.  I am so appreciative of the clicks and am hopeful I have attracted a few new readers but front line “political blogger” really isn’t my style.  I am happy to support our governor (like the headline reads “Woman calls Malloy sweet Dannel and thinks she may be in love”) but being a political blogger takes way more energy than being a Paper Mom.   I did learn a few things from my power post…. It is amazing to see social media work.  It is a powerful tool that is so connected… politicians, corporations and non profits should take note of the opportunities to grow because apparently  it only takes a few posts or comments  to spread through networks  and WHAMMO there is a platform for opinions, purchases, and endorsements!  I guess I knew this all along but watching my click ticker rise and rise with my post proved to me that it is serious business when 3.9 million mom bloggers are projected to generate 26 million dollars. I am of the social variety, the non-money-making blogger.  It’s a hobby, it is fun and it’s a great way to connect with other 40 and fabulous moms trying to make their way.

So Paper mom is back and I am in party mode! Our Little cub scout turns seven and our "Magic Tree House" party is in full swing…. 20 little classmates are expected  here to do crafts, fun, games, cake and presents  for 90 minutes on Sunday afternoon!  Our son is soooo excited and I have to admit, I am pretty excited too.  But like any good mother, I am totally holding it all over his head this week… I’ve used  the “I’ll cancel your party” line with every  hint of uncooperative behavior.  With those sort of spirited (and loving) threats, It should be smooth sailing this week as we prepare for our big celebration.  By the way….. any Magic Tree House party crafts, games, decorations or activities that you can offer me are appreciated… and if you want to come over and clean the house, that's helpful too! 

Paper love going out to my peeps... 


yabooknerd said...

sounds like a FUN party!

Amanda B said...

Any special guests coming???? You need to post some pics


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