Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mom and Dad Fund

I love catalogs, I love pretty things.  I’ve studied the recent Vera Bradley catalog and have some many wishes for my wish list, problem is…my birthday is in December, my anniversary is in November, and Mother’s Day just passed.  I will have to invent a holiday to have an excuse to purchase a few new prizes… maybe I deserve a Memorial Day gift?

Funny how I need a reason to treat myself, why do we do that?  I guess it is because each of the three girls needs a new swimsuit, three kids have birthday parties to attend this weekend – which means three presents to buy, our oldest needed $30 this morning for end of the year field trips and there is a stack of bills a mile high on the kitchen counter.  Having a little life sure does cost A LOT!  Having a divorce sure does cost A LOT! And having FIVE children sure does cost A LOT! Oh my goodness – Life is hard and expensive. 

Mommy and the Daddy are often last on the list. I know it is our job to provide for our children but I am beginning to wonder if I will ever have new summer sandals.   I have vowed to make a Mommy and Daddy piggy bank.  A bank that will help “fund our fun”.  My extra change and dollar bills are going into the kitty to help mommy and daddy feel pretty, feel connected, and enjoy each other.  We’ve done this before and I hate to admit it but, when I needed lunch money for the kids or last minute cash, I’ve dipped into it.  I’ve robbed my own marriage of the funds that can make my connection stronger, HOW SAD! 

I think I will skip the cute little Vera Bradley key chain (have you seen them? They are darling) and put the $15 bucks in the Mom and Dad bank – that $15 is almost a bucket of popcorn for our date night movie!  And...we actually have a chance at “Date Night” this Friday.  Get this…. We have no kids but we have to volunteer at the concession stand! Can you believe that?  Our life is busy and chaotic and even when we have a night to ourselves to reconnect…. We need to work for our kids activities at the concession stand!!!!!  What is more romantic than date night at the little league concession stand? The World's Greatest Husband flipping burgers and Paper Mom making change for ring pops and hot dogs.  Maybe I do need that key chain?

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