Wednesday, May 26, 2010

planning a pool party

We are preparing for our first boy-girl, teenage, starting high school next fall, pool party.  I had no idea the negotiation that would come to be because of this bash.  Our big dilemma right now? 
Do we hire a life guard?  The thought of a life guard standing poolside, whipping her whistle in a circular motion around her finger, wearing a red speedo tank suit and holding a long banana floaty thing under her arm is making our 13 year old want to cry.  I guess safety isn’t cool? The thought of fifteen hormone challenged 8th graders jumping off the diving board on top of each other makes me and the World’s Greatest Husband want to cry. 

Then we move on to food, decorations and games…. Yes, I said games.  I asked if we could play a few cool games and she gasped!  I remember playing “The Price is Right” and having a “Mr. Legs” party game at my middle school parties.   Not so sure this will happen, but I may just do it… hmmm, how can I incorporate texting into a game??? Maybe the person who sends me the most kind and creative statements about this par-tay? Wait,where will they put their handheld devices? They will be wearing bathing suits? Oh the thought of this par-tay gets more interesting with each day, and we still have a few weeks to go.  In the meantime I plan to hold it over their heads…. Let’s weed that pretty back yard, let’s sweep that patio, let’s trim those bushes,  so the backyard looks nice for your par-tay and friends! 

I think we are about to enter a whole new era of parenthood.  

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