Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day celebration continues!

Wow, yesterday was amazing.  I am so grateful for all of your kind words and comments.  I appreciate the emails, calls and posts.  We are a little sisterhood, aren’t we?  I am tickled that my post made you feel strong, happy, and grateful.

So now that we all love our girl, Kelly Corrigan, here is another video…. Some of you may have looked her up and already watched - but here it is for you to enjoy…   I love the music –“ All we can do is keep breathing” so true….
I’ve been struggling with a letter to my mom,  Then I watched this video and adopted the Kelly Corrigan style and wrote this.  Maybe you should pull out some paper and write one too. 

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being the person I have talked to almost everyday for 39 years.  Your voice always makes me feel right at home even though we are miles apart.  

Thank you for watching all of my synchronized swimming performances in our backyard pool and sitting on the ladder just in case.  Thank you for not making me eat dinner on your famous fish and stewed tomatoes night. Thank you for letting me ride my bike to Nana’s house like a big girl, and making me call the minute I arrived and the minute I left. Thanks for letting me walk to Aresco’s for a treat.  Thanks for carpooling me and my friends to RollerPort every Saturday and not embarrassing me when you caught me kissing Rodney.  Thanks for taking us to Disney, the Cape (remember Pukey the elephant?), Mt. Carmel and Riverside.   Thanks for putting up with all the living room cheerleading, Rick Springfield music and my constant presence on the phone in 7th, 8th and 9th grade. 

I am glad you made me dress up to fly on an airplane.  I am glad you made grandpa ask you if we could have a donut or chocolate.  I am glad we went for family rides on Sundays especially to look at Christmas lights.

Thanks for supporting me through some important decisions like prom dresses, heels or flats, college, graduate school, a husband and divorce.  You didn’t agree with every decision, but helped me through them.

Thanks for turning me on to the Bridges of Madison County, taking me to see my first Rick concert, letting me gush about a guy a million miles away, letting me watch General Hospital and Oprah next to you with some soda and a handful of pretzels. Thanks for coming when the kids were born.

I am sorry for the lunch box incident with Kelly O.,  for the Easter scavenger hunt mess, I really did appreciate your hard work and the Jane Fonda workout album.  I am sorry for visiting the neighbors mail box, and I really wish I listened to you about that field hockey practice, my fear got in the way. 
Mom, you are the best.  I am glad our relationship has grown into a friendship that no one else can even begin understand.  I am glad I am able to count on you, share with you and “read you like a book”.  I hope you know you can count on me, share with me… and honestly you have written my book, you know me better than anybody! 

It’s your day, thanks for being the best mom and most loving grammy.


angie said...

What a beautiful letter to your mom. I'm sure she'll cherish it!

Sally Crusan said...

You, like Kelly and your friend Oprah, have a gift of storytelling.
Thank you so much for starting this blog! I get very excited when I see a new post, the feeling is similar to when I walk into my local library and the book I want is on the shelf.
For Mother's Day I sent my mom a lovely box of blue flat embossed notecards from Paperly. She opened the box yesterday and called to say how lovely they were and couldn't believe the quality. This is a huge compliment because my mothers "quality meter" is similar to Martha's "it's a good thing" meter.
I wish you a peaceful heart on Mother's Day.

Paper Mom said...

Ladies, Thanks so much!
Sally, you made my day. I can't wait to play BLINGO next week! I am thrilled that your mom loved the cards. The Paperly line continues to impress!


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