Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Softball Moms

When I was young and foolish, married to "Mr. Past-Not-So –Good", he was a big beer league softball player.  It made me crazy and I wanted to write an essay about the dynamics of men on a softball field.  This was before my blogging time but I can guarantee you if I blogged twelve years ago… it would have been the topic of many, many posts.  The butt patting, the chants, the drinking after the game, it was a quick study on men (a particular type of man) that I am grateful to forget!

While watching our two nine year olds practice last night, I had a related thought….the essays I wrote in my head years ago reemerged as “The sisterhood of the traveling softball moms”   Yes, as moms, we have a sisterhood of sorts on those cold metal bleachers and it usually is in high gear by about game five… that is just where we are in the season.  Our guard is lowered, we’ve seen each other in the Saturday morning sweat suit, We’ve shared cheesy fries and slushies, we have frozen our little tushies off together, we have cheered for every girl and last night… we began to gossip about our men, our jobs, our kids, our lives.  It was just the therapy I needed. 

All kidding aside the softball moms are a fun loving group, it may be the cold temperatures, the hunger pains, the fear of the homework that lies ahead  - but we always manage to find a laugh and common ground.  

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