Monday, May 3, 2010

Tink-a-tude and Sunday Poo Poo Face

I just found my daughters looking at the Tinker Bell wall calendar that has never actually made it up onto the wall this year. I promised them, after school today… while we all took a look at the pictures… we picked out favorites. My fave was Tink-a-tude. It made me think of the tiny attitude I had all day yesterday. Tink-a-tude makes it sound softer, nicer, almost kind. The World’s Greatest Husband and I have this little thing about Sundays… WE HATE THEM! Hmmm, not a normal thing, most families look forward to the day the Lord has made for rest. For us it is anything but rest. All five kids, all day long, parent guilt wrapped up with the pressure of the house and chores. Let’s play and have fun, be a family or should we catch up on the house so that this week isn’t a disaster? Let’s go to the field and run or should we do laundry so we aren’t naked at work this week? Let’s go to the park and fly a kite or should I go grocery shopping so we have dinner Monday thru Friday? Let’s ride bikes and jump on the monstrosity of a trampoline that lives in my backyard or cut the grass? Yes, we struggle each Sunday. Some Sundays we have an actual plan and that makes it better. Some Sundays we are overbooked and need to stay on task, but most Sunday’s we are plain old cranky. My mom and I called this our Sunday night Poo-Poo face when I was younger. It used to arrive around 6pm as the responsibilities of the upcoming work week would start to emerge. My Sunday Poo –Poo face now arrives at 6am and goes strong until the lights go out. 

So yesterday’s struggle was… YARD WORK. The woman who owned our house years ago was a master gardener. We have the framework of a better homes and GARDEN yard. But if you could see it today you would say… What is Paper Mom talking about? With each passing season it gets harder and harder to see that framework because we don’t know what the heck we are doing. We trim at the wrong time of year. We butcher things. We struggle to get the yard mowed never mind weeded and in tip top shape. Yesterday I tackled overgrown shrubs on the side of the house and hubby took down two trees (if you know my husband you may have gasped at that statement… chain saw and husband make for an odd combo. He is a scientist not a lawn guy). We were both nearly dead by 5pm. Only to transport two kids to two different baseball practices and eat dinner outside on the patio because the kids begged us, five showers and 4 bed time books later, we were ready to snore… I think we were so tired we sort of grunted at each other, no real talking. My husband, being the World’s greatest, did manage to rub my footsies….

Today I am going to call landscaping companies, just to see…. This yard is bigger than us…. We need help and wouldn't that make for the ultimate Father's Day gift?

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