Monday, May 17, 2010

Paper Mama needs some help...

Overwhelmed doesn’t seem to cover it.
I am so upside down!  This week is about to push me over the edge and it has hardly begun!  Any advice? Any tidbits to bring me peace?  Because all I really want to do is hop on a plane outta here! 

The World’s Greatest Husband continues to provide sound advice, hand holding, accommodations to make my life a bit easier.  He actually told his boss he has to come home early this afternoon so I can accommodate some responsibilities I have at my job later today….He is so sweet and kind and the funny thing is…. I am so koo-koo all I want him to do is simply stop talking!  I know, crazy mama’s gotta stop!

Children? Children? My kids should just move out for the week.  I am only kidding, but they should at least stay out of my way, do their own laundry and make their own meals… ok, I am kidding they can stay, I'll cook.

Work? I plan to close my door and work like a mad woman. I have my major event on Friday and I expect things will improve after that – please God, help me get to Saturday!
So there you have it – Paper mom is officially nuts but my dear psychologist husband tells me I have nothing on the real crazies he treats in the ER…. Now there is some peace.

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