Friday, April 30, 2010

National No Phone Zone Day!

I just watched Oprah’s show about distracted driving.  The stories are amazing, lives changed in an instant, families broken and friendships remembered.  Oprah asked the audience (and you and me) to take the pledge and honor the pledge.  The habit of having to be connected while driving is ridiculous.  I admit, I have used my phone while driving.  After watching this show and hearing so many comment about simply waiting 5, 10, 30 minutes until you can get to your destination or pull over truly makes sense.  Really, what can’t wait?  I was thrilled to hear Oprah say her important words that have resonated with me over the years… when you know better - you do better.  I am a reasonable 39 year old mom of 5, I have one special man that I want to grow old with, I know better, today I pledge to do better….  I am pledging to make my car a no phone zone.  Will you join me and my girls Oprah and Gayle?

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