Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day at the Beach - now that's entertainment!

Ok, so I do the summer thing and take my two to the beach yesterday.  It was our hope to meet up with our cousins because they were very brave and were camping out.  I am not a camping kind of mom.  I like to camp where fluffy white robes are complimentary and the spa is just downstairs. Unfortunately we never met the cousins, my cell phone wouldn’t work from the sandy dunes.  We walked the beach a few times but no luck…

Trust me, there was no lack of entertainment by the sea.  I was truly amazed at all that we saw and heard. 

Here are some random observations:
There were three young adults participating in a self-made photo shoot that could have appeared in Playboy.  I admire their confidence but wanted to cover my son’s eyes a few times.

Am I only one without a tattoo? And when I say tattoo, it is more like tattoos…..

The bikini police were not in force.  On one side of this coin I say – “God bless you, you are comfortable in your own skin and that is a great thing. “  The other side of this coin is… mirrors people, mirrors.   And since this is my blog and my opinion – I’ll just state it clearly.  Bikinis should only be worn by the sweet, sweet young and those 20 something hard bodies.  I saw many women my age and older wearing two piece suits, and honestly, they had bodies that truly rocked but their whole presentation was mature and the bikini took away from that hard earned life experience

Two mo-hawks.  One on a young boy the other on a woman.

A confused woman with pants, long sleeves, shoes, socks and her purse.  There is always one in the crowd….

Lots of lovers walking the beach, two lesbian couples, one gay couple and many, many others.  I loved seeing all the loving.  It made me miss the World’s Greatest Husband, who was working hard at the office.

And then… there was the young father that let his two boys swim in their underpants.  They proceeded to dig with soda cans, throw them in the water and then throw sand on all of us.  I think they were just driving by the entrance and thought, let’s go.  They were clearly not prepared like the rest of us…. But hey, those kids had fun too.

The most captivating observation:  A group of women sat behind us.  They were long time friends, you could just tell.  They wore old lady suits, brought umbrellas at were camped out… they reminisced, played board games and ate candy bars.  My daughter kept saying… “Mom, they are eating more chocolate bars.”  I think they earned all that chocolate.  I loved listening in.  They were exactly what I want to be someday… talking about my five kids, my grandkids, not understanding technology and still enjoying the company of good friends sea side.

Ok, enough babble.  I think we will go again next week, it was fun to people watch.

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Julie said...

This may be your best blog yet! I felt like I was right there with you, smelling the Coppertone and listening to the Ocean. Thanks for the escape.
No, you are not the only one without a tattoo. I don't have one, and have no plans to get one. Although, never say never ....


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