Thursday, July 29, 2010

They are Growing Up...

Whew, what a night….
We thought we did a nice, good, happy thing by buying our little guy a new big boy bed….
Um, yeah, not so sure…

My son was so excited, so wound up… between the new bed and his three week vacation he is NUTZO!  He said some crazy things about his new bunk bed….
“I just want to stay up and see the wood”
“I lied earlier, I didn’t need my slippers, I just wanted to go upstairs and see my bed”
Annoyed he said…..“sometimes your brothers and sisters need to go visit their mom” – (and then they can’t see the new bed?)
He ended with “I just don’t think I can sleep, I am going to stay up all night”

My daughter was camped out in his room as a special treat to celebrate the new bed.  She is in the middle of reading Judy Blume’s, BFF.  We have been reading it together and it is half step ahead of her but reading it together has been fun.  As a tween, I devoured every Judy Blume bookMy daughter was also very excited about vacation and couldn’t sleep.  I told her it would be ok to read one more chapter on her own with her book light.  She cracked me up when she got so excited and sat straight up in her bed with a huge smile and and said – “oh my god mom, Stephanie just got her….”  I finished the sentence with big eyes and said “period.”  She followed up a few minutes later “Allison’s mom is pregnant, but it didn’t happen the regular way”  I asked, “what is the regular way?, she replied, I don’t know but that is what the book says”

Oh it was exhausting, hysterical and charming all in one. 
I felt the power of motherhood as I calmed my son down and talked him through like only his mommy could.  As I rubbed his little temples I asked, “is that too hard?”  he whispered "No it’s perfect" and drifted to sleep….

With my daughter…. I felt her grow up before my eyes with just those two little comments.

I need a vacation.


Joyce said...

Love those kids!! This really made me laugh. The bed looks awsome- I can see why all the excitement. I hope you get to relax and alittle "me" time while they are gone. I know you'll miss them like crazy.

Paper Mom said...

Joyce - I love them too! they are a hoot - you know first hand... Yes, I need a break but will miss them.


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