Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And the Not Mom of the Year Award goes to.....

NOT Mom of the Year Award

My Very First Vlog!  I was so nervous I thought I might puke!  Heeee!  So here is my entry for the Not Mom of the Year!  This is a contest over at The Mommyologist and Life without Pink.  Two fun bloggers who are thinking outside of the box. 

So enjoy my entry.  Those of you who know me.... know.....I am constantly securing my place in heaven.  This entry may put me a few steps behind, but really... my kids, and the World's Greatest Husband are my world, my joy and I am proud to love them.

PS -My video doesn't mention that I make the World's Greatest Husband check the math homework and when he is working late I have often "conveniently forgot" to check it.  I have Master's Degree but it isn't in mathematics!! 


The Mommyologist said...

Goldfish are a food group around here...and the pool totally counts as a bath!! Love it!

You did awesome for your first vlog...keep it up...they are SO addicting!!!

Oh yeah, and I've done the dryer sheet thing too.

Life Without Pink said...

You did great and a natural! I did my first one too and it was quite crazy. So first 5 kids, bravo! I can't keep it together with 2. And I agree I give my son fishes or frozen waffles in the AM just because it keeps him quiet.

Great job and thanks for entering!

Kathy said...

Your kids are so lucky to you have and the "worlds best husband" as parents! What a sense of humor and a great way to "pick your battles"! And, BTW...you resemble your Mom in so many ways and THAT, my dear, is a compliment!!

Shell said...

Sounds like you're doing a great job to me! :)

Paper Mom said...

Ladies, thanks for the love!

Coma Girl said...

Ahh - I do the same thing with the dryer and the dryer sheet!!!

Too funny, I loved all of your mom secrets!


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