Monday, July 26, 2010

Paper Napkins Make Me Happy. Wait, is that Weird?

Ok, so maybe I am a little obsessed? 
While visiting the circulation desk the librarian asked if they could come to the party.  I looked at her a bit puzzled and asked, “What party?”
It seems as though I am inter-library loaning a rather large load of entertaining, decorating and style books.
So I love, love, love them…. It could be worse….

Here is my style happy tidbit for today ….
Exhibit A - Where I type my blog posts.
Every morning while I sit on the computer and check email, twitter, facebook, foursquare and my blog (boy that’s a lot of social media) I enjoy my morning coffee from my beloved  keurig (which you know I consider the absolute best appliance ever made on this earth! - It has changed my life for the better.) I take an everyday, standard square napkin, package of 250 variety, and place my mug on the napkin as a coaster as to not mark my pretty wood computer station. (See exhibit A)  OK, the tidbit - In the spirit of being paper obsessed, I admit to owning an inordinate amount of pretty paper napkins….the package of 20 variety.  This morning I decided to use a little sassy fuchsia number instead of the bounty napkin in the holder on the microwave.  It has made me very happy and now this morning I’ve made it official, instead of saving the pretty paper na-kins (as my little brother used to say while growing up) for a special party, I will sit in delight as I enjoy my morning coffee and my napkins – every morning…. 

And here is a pathetic, silly secret; the other day I bought a package of napkins that reminded me of “the look” of my blog.  They are black and white swirly dos and I loved them…. I guess there was a reason for that little find after all.  

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