Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finding my summer blogging groove has been tough.  With the school year, I had a dedicated way of blogging.  With summer, I am all over the place.  I apologize for being a bit wacky in the timing of my posts.

Wanted to share two cool things…

First, look at my fabulous finds yesterday.  I went shopping by myself for 5 hours.  What a treat! I guess I get to cross that one off of my summer to do list.  I found the monogrammed melamine platter for only 3.99!  Everything you see only cost me $11.  I love a bargain.  But what I love more is paper.  I had butterflies in my gut while shopping the paper aisle at the Christmas Tree Shop last night.  I felt giddy with delight.  Almost light headed.  I know it’s ridiculous.  But if a $1.00 note pad makes me happy, does that make me cheap and easy?

Also, the one item on our birthday girl list last week was a hooded towel for the pool.  They fight over the two that we have.  A crafty friend suggested I make one.  I gagged at the thought, sewing is not the craft I am familiar with but that too is on my summer to do list…. So I went to and found simple directions, bought her favorite color towel and even found  letters to put her name  on the back (when she requested a towel with her name, I almost puked – how the heck do you do that?)  But…. All in all it was easy and fun and I know she is going to LOVE it!  Maybe it will fall apart in the wash, but I think it is all ok!

So in the last 18 hours I have completed two more things on my important summer list.  I’ve even swam 3 times out of 10 already!
Have a good day – and consider leaving a comment, blogging is more fun if you are chatting too!


Joyce said...

You did it!! You should be very proud of yourself. The next step is a slightly harder, crafty sewing project :) I can't wait to see it.

Joyce said...
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Julie said...

Congratulations on reaching some of your summer goals - with plenty of time left for more! Like you, I have a mental list of things I like to accomplish before school begins. So far, I've scratched two off my list, so I'm feeling good. With time off in August, I'm thinking I might get even more done.

Sally Crusan said...

I love that your new plate matches your blog border! Great job on the towel. My friend and one of your Paperly peeps, Wendy, has a fancy sewing machine that embroiders. I've used her talents to personalize baby blankets, aprons, backpacks, tshirts, etc! Usually on very short notice and she happily works for a Panera breakfast sandwich and coffee, which usually turns into the two of us sitting at Panera for two hours. Keep on swimming!

Rsanchi said...

Great job on the towel! I knew you could do it! Fear no sewing machine! Call me if you get stumped by your next, more difficult sewing project! ;)


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