Friday, July 23, 2010

Five for Friday

It's Friday and that means.... 
It's Five for Friday....
Five great things about today:
1.  Back to School supplies are out!  I love, love, love office supplies and going to my regular stops like Target, Walmart and Walgreens are now extra special because of that "Back to School" aisle.
2.  It's Pay Day.
3.  My employer is getting some positive press today and that is a good thing.
4.  We have no real commitments this weekend and that feels good. We've been on a roll with hosting lots of swim dates (which we love to do) but... I need to float in peacefully for a Saturday of my own. Yippee!
5.  I can already feel myself becoming a bit anxious over turning the calendar.  August signals the last half of summer and that depresses me.  Love the fall, but hate, hate, hate winter.  I will enjoy today.

Paper Peeps - you guys are the BEST!  Have a good weekend.

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