Thursday, July 8, 2010

I am a Softball Mom? Who Knew?

Driving to work I realized somewhere along the way, my dislike for living at the field and carting their little hineys to practice truly isn’t so bad.  I guess it is less about dislike and more about my inner shock.  Simply put, I am amazed that we manage to get 5 kids to and from games, practices and lessons each day.  I guess I just didn’t have the vision that I would be the mom on the bleachers each and every night. 

My top ten reasons why I am officially a softball mom:

1.    1.   I keep a chair in a bag in the back of my car.
2.       Is your uniform clean? Do you have your bat bag, cleats and water? Are two questions I ask on a daily basis whether I need to or not.
3.       I have committed to memory the area league complex addresses and directions to memory or my iPhone.
4.       I’ve subscribed to the notion…. Don’t swim too much today, you have a game later.
5.       8:30 is the new dinner hour.  The World’s Greatest Husband encourages me to pretend we live like Italians.
6.       On occasion, I’ve rearranged work schedules to accommodate games and practices.
7.       I’ve jumped out of my chair to cheer on our team and I’ve been angry with an umpire (silently in my chair, like a reasonable adult.)
8.       I say Hail Mary’s during the game. Often. Mostly when my kids are at bat.
9.       I text my parents in Florida with game updates.
10.   I’ve labeled cheesy fries as a dairy and a veggie.

    Our kids are having the summer of their lives.  The 9-10 softball girlie's are off to a championship game tonight.  The winner advances to the final for our district.  It will be a tough game.  I am convinced that along with talent, it is spirit and attitude that help win the game.  Seeing I was a cheerleader in high school, I’ve got the spirit and attitude covered on the bleachers…. Softball talent? Not so much….

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    Paper Mom said...

    The girls lost by one. It was a great game and they should be proud.

    the softball season comes to a close. Don't fret; fall ball in just 6 weeks...


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