Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sun and Vitamin D - Get some!

Well most folks return to work today, I have one more day off! Yippee! After a weekend of fun, sun and parties, I am happy to have a day to re-group.  It’s hot, hot, hot here.  So much so the state has identified “cooling centers” I haven’t heard of this in years past but I guess it is a necessary precaution for those at risk.  Stay cool paper peeps.

So all this fun in the sun has led me to do some vitamin D research.  I’ve been deficient on more than one occasion and am currently on an increased daily dose.  Yesterday and today I floated in the pool with the mindset to soak in some bonus vitamin D.  A vitamin D deficiency can lead to depression, weight gain, some cancers, aches, pains, fibromyalgia, weak bones, muscle weakness and fatigue.  So I am not surprised that my levels are low I am always an achy tired mess.  Have you had your vitamin D level checked?  It is very common so next time you have your check-up be sure to ask for a test to check your vitamin D.   So there is my first blogger health tip.  Just call me Dr. Paper Mom.

Ladies, softball may end tonight….funny thing is…. I really, really, really, would love to see the girls win and move on in tournament play.  I know I have my bloggy belly aching baseball posts…. So my hope and wish for a win may be surprising…. But it’s true… Let the world take note, I am officially a “softball mom” wishing for a win! And by the way, did I tell you my daughter caught the last out of the game last week? A pop fly and she caught it, we won.  Yes, I was hail marrying it hard at that moment…. But my girl Mary never fails. 
Try to beat the heat…

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