Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two in one, baby

This weekend we celebrate the Fourth of July and our daughter’s tenth birthday.  Two special reasons to celebrate in one weekend.  We are having a cookout today to mark the occasions.  Although getting this house ready for 25-30 guests is a major undertaking we always seem to manage.  The party is a bit later in the day so at least we won’t be rushed.  Our Easter Brunch several months ago left no time for the slow cooker unless I set my alarm for a crazy hour.

Do you ever visit OMG (yes, using teenager talk there) it has the most amazing ideas!  I love the site and recently signed up to get the idea of the day.  You can customize for the cookie of the day, the craft of the day, the organizing tip of the day…you get the picture.  When I visit her site I feel like I am immersed in the good life.  Her team makes the tiniest detail mean something special.  Seeing most of her ideas are just about ridiculous for me to even contemplate while living with two teenagers, and three elementary school kids… working and going to the Little League complex every night, the website makes me dream of retirement living, entertaining and time… sweet, sweet time…. I know folks often have varying opinions of dear Martha, I get it…but to sit back and admire the empire she has created is an amazing thing.  When I evaluate how her books, website and idea make me want to create… I think that is…. well to put it like Martha,” a good thing…..”

My daughter and I made these for the party today. We made 12x12 fortune tellers out of reversible paper and turned them into little party peanut dishes. Martha used them for ice cream toppings (chocolate chips, sprinkles and mini marshmallows) you just have to eat the peanuts evenly from each little pocket, because they will tip over….

If  your in the neighborhood today, come on over.

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