Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be in the Moment

I often think of a former co-worker from my first professional job. She was in her 50’s and full of life. When I met her, I was caught up in planning a wedding, registering for sheets, towels and flatware. I am not sure I was soaking in all her real life lessons like I should have, but I did gain a few valuable nuggets along the way. I would always look forward to hearing about her weekend escapades. She had a spice for life. She would share stories that made her spirit shine. I loved how she valued ordinary moments. She lived in the moment, completely. Living in the moment has always been a struggle for me, especially as a spoiled brat bride to be, 15 years ago. I must admit, I continue to develop this skill, but I am better than I have ever been, children have helped me to appreciate the moment, a loving and supportive husband has made me appreciate the moment, the word cancer has made me appreciate the moment, a bit of reflection has made me learn how to embrace moments. Do you know the greatest thing about my 50-something coworker? She could make a martini on the deck of her condo, with the sun setting, chips and salsa in a bowl, husband by her side, sound like the moment of a lifetime, or at least her moment of the day. I remember thinking gosh, she loves life, she loves her husband, she loves her martini (for sure) and I want to be able to love like that someday! The thing is- if we keep wishing for those moments of joy, searching for them, we miss them. They are in front of our noses all day long, the challenge is to take a moment to appreciate and experience them.
.....I am going to go try to "live in the moment" and find the beauty of all the laundry that is in the hamper.  I hope you have a good day.

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