Friday, March 5, 2010

Favorite books

A gal pal asked me to type up my favorite reads, this is what I came up with.

There is one thing that never changes for our family of seven, our bedtime reading routine. Reading before snoring has become a joy that has been a part of my daily routine since I was a child and now is habit for my family too. It can often be a challenge with so many different reading levels and attention spans; it is a special way to end our day with warmth and love that can’t be described.

One for all ages: Our family favorite, hands down is “The Gulps” by Rosemary Wells and Marc Brown. This silly story is about a family slimming down after eating too many Winky-Twinks and Jiffy Chips. It makes us laugh every time, so much so that we have adopted the silly family name, "The Gulps" whenever we “pig out” at the dinner table.

I’ve read "The Enormous Egg" by Oliver Butterworth several times throughout my life. I remember Mrs. Baigert, my third grade teacher reading it the first time.

Once the kids are asleep, I end my day with a good book too. I have always described my favorite books as those “sappy, mushy, gushy lovey, dovey romantic reads.” My life is busy and demanding, I love losing myself in a love story. Here are my favorites:

"Dear John" by Nicholas Sparks (this author always makes me sob, the I can’t control myself, sucking air to breath kind of crying, I am always afraid I’ll wake my husband with the tears!)
"How to talk to a Widower" by Johnathan Tropper (You will laugh out loud!)
"The Pilots Wife" by Anita Shreve

My non-fiction selections: I love, love, love, craft books, anything to do with paper crafts makes me especially smile. I enjoy home improvement and decorating books, self improvement books, cook books, and professional/career books. I often use interlibrary loans to find what I am looking for. Have you read?

"The Girlfriends’ Guide to getting your Groove Back Loving your family without Losing your Mind" by Vicki Iovine
"The Girls Guide to the Big Bold Moves for Career Success" by Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio
"Paper Bouquet: Using Paper Punches" by Susann Tierney Cockburn
"Everyday Food: Great Food Fast" by Martha Stewart
"Organizing your Craft Space" by Jo Packham

Run, don't walk to your local library
 and check them out!

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Julie said...

Thanks for doing this. Your page on the Otis Library website came out great. Plus, you got a fab blog out of it!


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