Monday, March 15, 2010

Sick Mommy...

The stomach bug referenced below, hit again…. This time our nine year old…. Then ME!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you hear me moaning? groaning? complaining? I don’t think I’ve been this sick in years! It’s ugly. Yesterday my daughter and I didn’t leave the bedroom, we slept all day! Today we ventured downstairs to put the others on the bus, slept, slept and now I am typing…. I do feel it lifting and the shower helped. There is nothing like illness that makes one realize all they do in a day. When you are out of commission, it shows quickly. My children actually giggled at me saying I was faking it. I think they were shocked and amazed that I am so sick that moving is a struggle. I think it was hard for them to comprehend. Seriously even on “sick” days mom’s still do it all…. Not this time, just not possible. HUGE LOVING SHOUT OUT TO the World’s Greatest Husband, he is a great man who simply handles whatever comes his way. I am a lucky sickee! Hopefully, I’ll be on top of my game after a bit more time. I have tons of Paperly orders to process and fun party things to prepare for our big brunch on Sunday.

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