Friday, March 12, 2010

Puke and Poop

Oh my goodness, my night has been an adventure. At 2am we jumped out of bed to a vomiting child in the hallway. Our youngest was puking like a pro. It was his first time! Well, it hasn’t ended yet. We are talking both ends. Poor kid. He was crying asking me “why is this happening” with such desperation in his voice. I know we all have projectile vomiting stories, but the sheer amazement of a child opening their little mouths and a stream of ugliness spraying out in all directions is really a sight you can’t describe. The fear of the child and the tactical operations of the mom meet head on. The “momminess” kicking into high gear “It’s ok, you’re ok, you’re brave, this is going to help you get the sick out of your tummy…. “ the rubbing, the patting, the kisses, you can see it all right? Well, hopefully we are nearing the end, really how much can one little body handle? Honestly my greatest fear was that another kid would start up at any moment….

So if you are a parent reading this, you get it. Funny how the mom’s in a room can always take the conversation to puke or poop. Here is one to make you laugh…. When my youngest was an infant, I struggled like all working mom’s do to get my business suit on, and then get the kids to day care… one morning, all business like and gussied up, I sat in my morning meeting thinking… I smell poop, I got a little weird about it, is it me? is it my neighbor?, I smell poop.! I SMELL POOP! POOP PEOPLE, I smell it! If I smell poop, my co-workers must smell poop too? Then as I put my hand near my face, I panicked, I really, really, really smelled poop! After a quick inspection of my hands, I noticed some baby poo under my finger nail! Ok, I am not proud, it is real life, but seriously, poop on the fingers? I was crazed, without skipping a beat, I left the meeting, scrubbed for several minutes and back I went….like a good mommy should.

I have five children, bring it on….


Sally Crusan said...

Andrea, this post made me laugh out loud. Hope the P&P stops soon!

Papermom said...

Glad to give you a giggle.


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