Friday, March 19, 2010

Life Strategic Plan - Do you have one?

Went to another conference yesterday morning…. One thing is clear. Something is missing in my professional life. My master’s degree is in Organizational Management and I am so drawn to the inner workings, relationships and details that contribute to the success of an organization. I loved my Master’s program; it made me feel so connected to my professional life. I miss school. I’ve loved school my whole life. Not so much the work and studying, often it was the social component, but I’ve always managed to do well and rise. I am sad when I hear people speak of their academic experiences with regret or even hatred. I don’t get it. School for me has forever been a good thing. I pray my children continue to have good experiences too.

So - the positive of yesterday’s workshop? I love being in a room of professionals where you can feel the passion and the energy, isn’t that great? I live for those moments and savor them! Although yesterday’s workshop referenced – mission, vision, goals, and theory of change as applied to non-profit management, I am going to apply it to my personal life. I am going to try to make a strategic plan for my life…. Do you have one?

So here are my personal questions as they relate to my life, my family, my career, my civic work, my home, my community I am looking to align my needs with my strengths and with opportunities. What I am going to do? Where am I headed? And how am I going to get there? What is my logic behind it?

Boy, this is loaded….

This is what my brain spins and sizzles about: family, my blog, Paper business, Doctorate, His, hers and ours, Childcare, carpools, commute, travel, extra money, I should read more, fairness, the state of our schools, meaningful work, savings for a rainy day, retirement, health, embracing my entrepreneurial spirit, being stuck, dreaming too big, meeting Oprah, letting go, losing weight, power wash this darn house, caring for parents, nurturing me, experiencing teenagers, kids, kids, kids, change, courage, new wardrobe that fits, summer vacation, turning 40, why hasn’t Rick Springfield toured in CT lately, peace, homelessness, being a good catholic, la, la, la, la, the sizzle list is long…..

Here is my disclaimer: I share intimate details with you my amazing paper peeps to keep me sane, share my joys and frustrations, and because what I am learning as I get older, as women, we all really do have the same concerns and worries – like I’ve posted recently, same worries with just a different, kid, husband, job, home or family. That being said…. I love, love, love my life and know that I am a lucky duck. World’s Greatest Husband and I are on the same page (most days) loving one another, nurturing our family, making sense of our professional worlds and trying to help those in need. I am embracing a life strategic plan so we can be stronger. A little vision can go a long way. I don’t want to get caught up in the day to day grind and lose sight of the big picture. Just to take time and think outside of today’s calendar, to do list, and schedule is powerful. What do you think?

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