Monday, March 8, 2010


Peace is my favorite word. It is something that comes and goes in my life. It is something I try to concentrate on, be conscious of. A peaceful heart is kind, strong and giving - and not always easy to have.

Peace takes on many different forms for me:
There is the “Give me some peace and quiet” peace that I sometimes want to scream to five kids.
There is the “I feel so settled and loved” peace that the World’s Greatest Husband lets me enjoy.
There is the “Peaceful heart” peace I feel when I see our blended family working strong.
There is the “Peaceful sleep” peace that I feel when we are all tucked in tight after a day of family togetherness.
There is the “Make me an instrument of your peace” peace that I feel when I am in church.

Today I am praying for peace, strength, healing, love, health and courage. It has been a long weekend and a little peace sure would go a long way.

So I found this little prayer that may help keep peace in my thoughts, words, and actions.
Today, my goal is peace.
Today, I let go of any other agenda
and ask that you remove from my being
anything that hinders my experience of peace.
Today, in all my relationships,
I release all that obstructs peace.
In my work, it is peace that I offer others,
for healing takes place in moments of peace.
With my children, the gift of peace
reminds them of what is possible and who they truly are...
My peaceful doodle-ee-doo. 

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Julie said...

Andrea - sending some peaceful vibes your way - sounds like you need them. Love your doodles! It cracks me up when we are in a meeting and I look over at your notepad and it's covered in doodles!


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