Friday, March 5, 2010

Five for Friday

Wow, it's Five for Friday already?... Here are five great things about today -
1. It's Date Night.  I need a night with the World's Greatest Husband.  We have had a long busy week and a little alone time is just what I need!
2. I didn't wear my heavy winter coat this morning!
3. The sun is shining and I sent my first ever "e-vite."  This is historical for a Paper Mom... no paper....
4. I actually took an hour last night and sketched and doodled. Oh what fun, maybe I will post one of my doodle-e-doos.
5. Did I mention date night with my husband? it is worthy of two mentions. 
Have a great weekend, paper peeps! or as our 13 year old says... Peace Out Sista -

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