Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The illness lives on...

Ok, you know blogging has taken up too much space in your head when you are in emergency mode, crisis mode and all I can think to myself is… this is going to make one hell of a post!

I am giggling because really I’ve been fighting tears since 2am. Remember the puke fest, the puke slam down, the puk-a-rama, the puke –a –jam, ya know, the one that has been happening here at my house? ( Hahahaha I am belly laughing as I type) well it hit its ultimate last night… two children vomiting, a third with a fever and then World’s Greatest Husband joins in…. I have to admit, between rubbing, patting, encouraging, CLEANING, and more cleaning we managed to keep a sense of humor. (I am not sure my boss thinks this is humorous, day three of being absent. Honestly, I’ve had no real choice in the matter, I was down and out, the kids cry every time they vomit, and now a husband who is moaning he is so achy. How can I leave this pathetic crew that I lovingly call FAMILY? Maybe I won’t have a job tomorrow and I can blog full time? Did you know blogging is expected to be a $726 million dollar industry by 2012)? Well, I do need my job so I am working hard to clean every germ that is living in this place.

Oh peeps, there is no real point to this post, I am beat, I am tired, now I AM CRYING,  I just disinfected the entire kitchen and am now moving on to the kid’s bathroom. The blog that was playing over and over in my head is no longer. I am sorry to disappoint. Stay with me, be patient. I’ll be better soon,” I just need to go puke up the sickness and get all the ickies out of my tummy so I can feel better and go to school “ (said that line a few times this week) My best for today is: Be healthy! Wash your hands.

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