Tuesday, June 22, 2010

As I got up yesterday morning to get ready for work, they all slept.  The World’s Greatest Husband was at the gym, I actually took a shower, did my hair and put my make up on without interruption.  I kept thinking, “Mommy likes this.”  As they slowly emerged life became louder and as I drove to work (late as usual) I giggled to myself:  It may be summer, our schedule may have changed, but I still have plenty to blog about!

For example tonight, I need to be in several different places with several different kids at the same time.  Yes it is our summer schedule - but some things just don’t change.  I need pixie dust which may really just be Fish Eye Pinot Grigio in disguise…. Parenting five gets easier with a glass of wine.  Now, the World’s Greatest Husband and I are not big drinkers, but I found it to be hysterical that yesterday was his first day with the kids while I worked from 9am – 7pm.  He was in charge… when I woke up this morning I found a beer bottle on the ledge of our bathroom window!  The kids drove a non drinker to drink! The poor man was literally outside reorganizing our pool house at 10:30 last night and I imagine he brought in a cold one to enjoy as he came up to shower (the beer is left over from a Christmas party - - - I am not kidding!) I must admit it made me crack up…. One day with the kids and the poor guy has taken up drinking…. I think I’ll join him tonight….He is working until 9pm so I’ll be up to the task! He might find a bottle of wine on the window ledge ….

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