Friday, June 18, 2010

Last day of school, we made it!!

Today is the day!
the Last day of 9th grade, 8th grade, 4th and 4th grade and kindergarten.
We made it.
School's out and summer is in (at 1:15pm)

I promise to blog (five for friday) more later, I just wanted to take a moment and check in on this special day and let you know I am doing the happy dance!

We are switching gears - all stars, vacations, swimming, flip flops, reading on the patio and bathing suits. Yes, the World's Greatest Husband and I will still be working but even that schedule changes up... of course this switch brings about a whole different host of issues which will probably make blogging interesting all summer long... stay tuned.

I'll write more later...after I stop dancing on the kitchen table and get these little monkeys to school (for the final time this school year!)

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