Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dear Santa - In 6 months I'll be 40!

Dear Santa,
In  6 months you will be arriving.  It will be a BIG Christmas as I will turn the BIG 4-0 on the eve of your big day!  I am looking forward to your arrival this year.  I like the when the mantel is all sparkly and the season of entertaining takes shape.  This year your arrival is sort of a turning point, and I've been meaning to make that LIST!  No, not your standard list of what I want or need, you know the deal, some pretty stationery, smelly stuff and a piece of jewelry usually do the trick.  No surprises there.   I am talking about the OMG your now 40 list! What have you accomplished? Are you the woman you want and need to be?  What are your children learning from your actions and words? The BIG LIST, the dreams are shifting, time is moving list, responsibilities continue to pile up and I am woman hear me roar (or cry) sort of list.  The mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend list.  Only I am a tad stuck.... there are a few things floating in my head....there are a few things I need to do.... there are a few things I dream of...  a few road blocks, a few opportunities and gosh, my body, sex drive and hair all keep changing!  Santa, I am going to work on my list. But I think I may address the next letter to Jesus, after all it is his birthday.  I will cc you. I imagine the list needs all the help I can get, do you have the address for the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy? I'll be in touch soon! 
Paper Mom

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